Are you aware of the affiliate Disclosure? No? Are you running a business? If so, then you must be very well aware of the affiliate Disclosure? What are the affiliate Disclosure? Affiliate Disclosure are nothing but it contains the policies, rules, terms, and conditions to run any business smoothly to secure it from any kind of risks. Every single business must contain the affiliate Disclosure and some privacy policies which can define their business rules and regulations which can help the users to understand the business in a better way. We are also running a business system and we have our own formulated affiliate Disclosure which can define our business in an efficient manner. We have formulated such Disclosure by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of our clients. All our clients are very well satisfied with the information being provided by our web pages.

What and how do we gather?

What does the affiliate disclaimer gather? We gather some personal and non-personal information of our users whether it is a new user or about an existing one. Such information may contain the name, address, email, contact number, job title, etc., all such information is gathered just to maintain our business records and to secure the records of all our users for the future references. Our main motive of gathering such information is just to secure our business from the fake users having a negative intuition which can harm the data of our users such as the hackers. We are committed to allowing the genuine users only as all the data and information on our web portal and other individual web pages are 100% genuine and accurate and thus any of our users need to worry about the information for which they are searching on our portal.

All these information are being collected for the business purpose only and not to leak the data of any particular client or user. We are highly concerned with the security and privacy of all our clients and thus we have formulated our policies to be efficient which can create an effective disclaimer which can stand up our business to be differentiated from the others. All such information being collected or gathered by our portal is just to utilize or analyze our own database so that we can enhance its functioning so as to serve you in a much better way than ever. We have formulated our affiliate Disclosure in such a way that every single client of ours can get his/her useful information in a much easier way without facing any interruptions. All our clients are politely informed that they can directly contact us on facing any kind of issues with our Disclosure or anything else. You can never have to face any kind of issues while exploring our web portal. We did not copy any affiliate links from the other websites or Web pages. All our web pages are systematically linked with our main website to provide you a better user experience.