Privacy Policy

Are you aware of the affiliate privacy policy? What are these affiliate privacy policies? If you are going to run a business enterprise then obviously, you will need to formulate some strict policies for your business so as to make it secure and safer to exist for a longer period of time. We have also formulated some strict affiliate privacy policies for our business which have included all basic and the common terms and conditions of our business so as to make all our clients be very clear with our business products and services.  We have numerous registered users who visit our website on a regular basis to fetch some important information. This is one of the major reasons that we have formulated our affiliate policies to make them feel secure and confident that all the information on our web portal are safe and 100% genuine. We have never compromised with the security or trust of our clients and this is one of the most genuine specialties of our business enterprise due to which we are now capable of fetching more and more clients.

What do we gather?

We usually gather some important and basic information about our clients to maintain our records so that we can enhance our database system time serve you in a better and more efficient manner. Such basic information may include your name, email I’d, address, phone number etc. , which all will remain safe on our portal and never get leaked with any of the third parties. There is no illegal reason or purpose behind collecting such information as we are committed to providing you the better services and nothing else. Our main motive is to enhance our system to provide you the best possible results. Such information can help our database to crack any particular client whenever required or to detect any crime or fraud if done over our portal. We assure you time provide you a safe database where you will get only secured and genuine information.

What about the utilization of cookies?

What are the cookies? How do we utilize them? Whenever you will visit our web portal there may be a pop being occur so as to ask you to save the cookies or not. It depends on you whether you can accept such pop-up or may disable the option. We just collect such cookies for our records and we never use them for any illegal intuition. Such cookies are utilized only to maintain our entire database in an efficient manner just to ensure you that you are at a secured place. Cookies can help us to reach a particular client if required in future and thus we utilize the cookies just for our future references and nothing else. We are providing all our clients with a guarantee to give them the right and accurate information without copying any material or information from the other related web pages. We are never obliged to cheat our clients in any of the possible ways.